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Xlab Stealth Pocket 400c
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XLAB World Champion Suppliers. The #1 manufacturer of rear hydration carriers, including the Carbon Wing, Super Wing, Turbo Wing, Mini Wing, and the most famous Sonic Wing.

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Gone are the days of bulky Bento boxes with the Stealth Pocket 400 Carbon from XLAB. Now you can be more aerodynamic and carry all your race essentials at the same time. Using high-tech materials, the Stealth Pocket 400c has a super-cool carbon look in a stylish matte finish. It's highly durable, resistant to wear, perspiration and electrolyte drinks. The Stealth 400c uses three (3) Velcro straps to attach to the top tube putting it easily within reach. And it has a non-slip base that keeps it firmly in-place on the roughest roads. Put some watts back into your ride with the highly aerodynamic XLAB Stealth Pocket 400 Carbon.

Stealth Pocket 400c Features:

- Uses three (3) extra long Velcro straps to firmly mount onto the frame's top tube

- Carbon finish is highly durable, resistant to wear, perspiration and electrolyte drinks

- Airfoil design actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers

- Same width as head tube, therefore no increase in frontal area

- Perfect 5:1 Ratio for lowest possible drag

- Non-slip surface underneath grips top tube

- Located within easy reach while riding

- Insulated sides keeps nutrition cooler

- Non-slip rubber zipper pulls

- Dual zipper for easy open/close from either end

- Easily carries up to six (6) gels

- Dimensions: 26.7cm L x 5.3cm H x 3.8cm W

- Volume: 360cc

- Weight: 72g