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XLAB Gorilla Carbon Cage
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XLAB World Champion Suppliers. The #1 manufacturer of rear hydration carriers, including the Carbon Wing, Super Wing, Turbo Wing, Mini Wing, and the most famous Sonic Wing.

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Helps prevent bottles launching from rear carriers


The GORILLA helps prevent bottles ejecting from cages on bumpy roads, and saddle-mounted water bottle carriers. The cage has over 2X the gripping force of conventional carbon cages due to the 6 high shouldered carbon gripping fingers, tall retention tab at the top and thicker carbon material. The GORILLA cage will fit on any standard cage mounts.


- Tall Gripping sides for a 7 lb grip on bottle

- Stiff top lip helps retain bottles

- Flared entry for fast insertion

- Thick shelf to support large bottles


Weight : 39 g


Compatible with Turbo Wing, Carbon Wing, Super Wing, Sonic Wing