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Ultraspire Lumen 600 Lighted Waist Pack
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Hydration for Ultra Athletes


The journey of the Ultra-Athlete begins with desire, a compelling need to go beyond the last point of return…and then some…and more…and so on, and so on…


In a world with the possibility of endless power and potential – You supply the Aspiration, we’ll supply the products to keep the perspiration flowing.


The team at UltrAspire consists of fun and friendly people with a variety of interests as well as personalities. Though we are diverse in backgrounds, we come together on common ground on many things such as sharing a love of running and/or other endurance sports, enjoying the outdoors, and using gear with a smart design and intuitive functionality. When we aren’t at the office, we are outside doing what we love, sharing memories with those we love, and using the UltrAspire products we create. Really.


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With nearly 4 times the brightness of traditional running head lamps The difference is like night and day. The Lumen 600 is a stable waist pack that illuminates the details and contours of the road or trail and the obstacles lurking out there! A waist mount keeps the light lower on the trail- casting shadows over the rocks and other obstacles imparting depth of field, detail and clarity allowing for significant increased speed with confidence during night running. Plus, completely avoid the effect of “tunnel vision” or the tunnel effect experience of a focused beam of light.




- The Lumen’s light has a focused center with wide-angle peripheral light for a natural running experience.


- 180° directional rotation with a range of motion adjusting 90° up and 90° down and anywhere in between for the best depth of field over the road or trail ahead.


- Dual-sided adjustability with the body of belt comprised of comfortable and breathable large-holed micro-fiber polyester mesh. The same mesh used in UltrAspire’s award winning race vests.


- The Lumen 600 is an MBS™ belt and the front is compatible and interchangeable with a Synaptic back for a hydration and illumination combo.


- Rear zippered pocket large enough for a cell phone or other essentials.


- Water, dust and impact resistant aircraft grade aluminum housing. Tempered glass lens for clarity.


- Easy operation of light: Push button once for “On” which is also the High setting. Press again sequentially for Medium, Low, S.O.S., and “Off”. Button pressed after 4 seconds will go straight to “Off”.


- The light as a unit is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cord.


- Bright elastic binding for comfort and reflective hits for added visibility.


- Limited three-year warranty on the light for repair or replacement.


- 600 Lumens. Uses a single 18650 3.7V rechargeable battery (Included).


- Adjustable sizing from 26” to 42”.