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Ultraspire Astral 3.0 Race Vest
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Hydration for Ultra Athletes


The journey of the Ultra-Athlete begins with desire, a compelling need to go beyond the last point of return…and then some…and more…and so on, and so on…


In a world with the possibility of endless power and potential – You supply the Aspiration, we’ll supply the products to keep the perspiration flowing.


The team at UltrAspire consists of fun and friendly people with a variety of interests as well as personalities. Though we are diverse in backgrounds, we come together on common ground on many things such as sharing a love of running and/or other endurance sports, enjoying the outdoors, and using gear with a smart design and intuitive functionality. When we aren’t at the office, we are outside doing what we love, sharing memories with those we love, and using the UltrAspire products we create. Really.


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Moving gracefully unimpeded. Breathing proudly—deeply. Born of the stars, more than a little zen, you are the Astral. Same award winning pack designed for chest, heart and lungs to be free and open to the air. Though gender neutral, designed especially to fit women. New improved fit and increased capacity conforms to a myriad of beautiful shapes and sizes. Fully featured, one size fits most!



Recommended Use:
Comfortable and flexible to fit varied women’s shapes; for daily road training to ultra racing.
*Also fits men well who prefer to keep their chest free.

- Silicone and PU coated feather-weight nylon fabrics resist water, abrasion and tears.
- Lightweight, soft, breathable, but strong, large-holed mesh pulls moisture away from the body to keep skin dry and cool.
- Plush feeling micro-fiber polyester edges, soft and non-abrasive against skin and clothing.
- Sweat proof webbing—won’t absorb water or get saturated and heavy.
- Safety stitched bar tack on all stress points.
- Quiet, bounce free, easy to see and use, zipper pulls.
- Zig zagged stitching over elastic for ultra-durability, increased stretch and rebound.
- Simple, fast, easy in and out bladder attachment.
- Magnon pocket for sweat-free pills. With automatic magnetic closure for rapid access to pills and other essentials. Patent Pending.
- Max 02 sternum ™ for unrestricted breathing while maintaining a stable pack. Uses shock cord with good stretch for unrestricted breathing but also good rebound on the stretch for a stable ride. Patent Pending.


Fit:  Women Specific
Chest Size:  Universal (26″-50″)
Color options:  Pinnacle Pink, Pitch Black
Hydration:  2L bladder
Capacity: 7 L
Weight: 86 g