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The Rough Country Complete Blister Kit
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The Rough Country provides innovative, functional gear  that withstands your toughest challenges in the Great Outdoors.


Our products have been tested in some of the most rugged places on the planet: the harsh environment of The Outback, the extreme temperatures of Antarctica, the jungles of Borneo, the mountains of the Himalayas, and the Sahara, Gobi and Atacama deserts. Developed and designed by a team of field experts, based on research and advice from over 1,000 seasoned campaigners, The Rough Country provides gear integral to making your conquests a success.


The Rough Country’s products are designed by experts who have to rely on their equipment to survive. We know that the weight of the product, the size, the durability and functionality are key in making your mission a success. When using The Rough Country products you can be confident you have the most suitable gear for your outdoor challenge.



Products designed with you in mind


From a Snake Bite Kit to a Silkworm Gaiter, when using The Rough Country products you can be sure we have thought about the smallest details to make your venture a success. Each product has been designed with specific consideration to the functionality, weight and durability. The Rough Country ensures your gear is as tough as your greatest challenge.


Tested in extreme conditions so you can be confident it will support your mission


Our team of experts test each and every product, taking them to all corners of the world. We only design products that we know we can rely on to help us perform at our best when we are outside in tough situations.


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The Rough Country Blister Kit is designed for multi-day adventures - hiking, racing, mountaineering, expeditions - wherever and whenever your feet will be truly put to the test. The items have been chosen and guidance refined over a number of years by wilderness doctors, and the kit has been tested by athletes during the world's most extreme endurance footraces.




- 1 Aloksak waterproof / sandproof bag

- 2 Rolls of papertape

- 1 Roll of Elastikon tape

- 5 Benzoin swabs <- Not Available

- 10 Pieces of Spenco 2nd Skin

- 20 Alcohol wipes

- 2 Hypodermic Needles

- 2 Safety pins


Remarks: We reserve the right to substitute elements of the Blister Kit for items of similar function.