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Sidas Gel Heel Pad
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Our History


Since its creation, Sidas has drawn its force from four essential values: Innovation, Passion, Performance and Commitment. Sidas is the ideal partner for all those wanting to offer their customers the best technology, for all foot types, for all sports, all the time.



Our missions


Our mission is to offer comfort and performance for each foot, for each sport and each day; in the name of all feet. We design, develop and manufacture technologies and solutions adapted to all feet, all sports and for general wear. Satisfying patients, athletes and the general public comes from a combination of care, comfort and well-being. Sidas’ mission is to contribute to this goal alongside foot specialists.



Our eco approach


At SIDAS we make a concerted effort to minimise our environmental impact without comprising the quality and integrity of our products. In 2009, SIDAS demonstrated its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices with the construction of a new eco-designed head office and the implementation of robust ecological policy.





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These gel heel pads absorb shocks all day long for optimum comfort. They are easy to fit and will quickly become an essential part of your daily life.


- Cushions shocks

- Relieves heel pain

- Fits in all type of footwear


Fitting: Insert the heel cups into the back of your footwear. Clean your heel cups regularly with soap and water to ensure they remain in place. This product is a comfort-enhancer and not a medical orthotic.