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Injinji Run Original Weight Mini Crew Toe Socks
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Injinji Performance Toe Socks


At Injinji, we understand that good health starts from the ground up. Performing since 1999, we make premium performance toe socks to give you the best protective layer between foot and shoe. Our toe socks are crucial for foot protection, comfort, recovery and overall a better performance in ANY shoe. As runners, athletes, and enthusiasts of staying physical and getting outdoors, we assure you that a pair of our toe socks can improve your performance and help put your best foot forward every day.


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The Run Original Weight fiber construction protects each toe and the entire foot from blisters, hotspots and moisture build-up. Feet will remain cool during runs and workouts with a mesh top for maximum breathability and superior arch support for a secure and stable fit.

The mini-crew length rests just above the ankle, fully covering and protecting the heel.


Patented 5 Toe Seamless Design which Provides:

• Proper Toe Alignment

• Superior Moisture Management

• Better Posture, Better Balance

• Blister and Hotspot Prevention

• Tactile Feel