TackOnzTM is the newest and latest way to adhere your race number to your bike jersey, runner singlet/shirt or triathlon top. The most common way is to use safety pins, which is not only uncomfortable, hard to use and they will also damage the new high tech fabrics top that almost every manufacturer is using today. 

Never seems to get the bibs straight, more upright and flush to your attire for a more aerodynamic performance? How about the dreaded pin opening up and actually poking you?

With TackOnzTM, all you need to do is clip it on.


Here are a few more reasons for using them:
- They do not damage your favourite expensive sports attire
- They are easy to use; forget about the clumsy fingers trying to unhook safety pins
- They are safer to use; no more accidental poking and bleeding
- They do not rust and stain your shirt
- They are lighter than safety pins
- Bibs will be straighter and more upright
- Look great on photos with bibs on torso

Get your TackOnzTM Today!

It comes with 6 buttons in a nice 7cm x 6cm size zip loc bag. All 6 buttons will be of the same color. 
The colors available are blue, green, pink, orange and yellow.

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