The Beginning

Benoît Laval, founder and CEO of Raidlight has been running since the age of 10. A seasoned athlete and marathon runner, he’s been running on trails for several years, orienteering, snowshoe racing and skiing. When he’s on the trails he thinks. This is how he came up with the idea of creating Raidlight. The first prototype products were made and tested by himself. Benoit would then take his products to trail races around France. They became an immediate success with trail runners and within a short period of time Benoit had to start mass-producing them.

As a trained textile engineer, Benoît Laval was not unfamiliar with the production process. He started his career in a company in Saint-Etienne, a sub-contractor for a well-known brand of outdoor products. Since the creation of the Raidlight company in 1999, this innovative approach has continued to help product growth year after year.

Product By Brand