Scott Unsworth, a former New Zealand age group triathlon champion, had to stop competing due to a chronic back injury. Whilst working as a swim coach, and from his first hand experience in competing in triathlon, Scott realised that the wetsuits used at the time were completely inadequate for swimming.


In 1992 Scott started up a company called Performance Speedsuits Ltd, based out of his parent's house in Auckland, New Zealand. He began to develop his "Speedsuits", which featured greater flexibility and buoyancy than other existing wetsuits. The business started with Scott selling his Speedsuits from the back of his car at swim meets and triathlon events.


By 1996 Orca had developed a range of new products in keeping with the innovation inherent in the heritage of its wetsuits.


Through the mid to late 1990s Orca developed its retail capabilities, enabling it to take the brand to a wider market. It was immediately obvious that it wasn't only athletes competing at the highest level who sought out a product that provided a competitive edge.


In five short years since Orca launched in 1995 the brand had firmly established itself as a favourite amongst the world's elite triathletes. At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the first to feature triathlon as an official Olympic sport, two thirds of all triathlon competitors wore Orca Speedsuits in the swim leg.


Orca products are designed and tested on athletes, not computer models. The design, materials and production techniques are always at the cutting edge. While success for the competitors who use Orca was clear, the business world began to recognise Orca in the early 2000s.

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