Facts You Should Know

Common solutions to replenishing your energy are energy gels, sports drinks or energy bars. Unfortunately, a lot of people or even sports enthusiasts did not realize that in order for the glycogen to be effective, it must first be digested, make its way through our body, and then absorbed by our muscles. This process takes time and is not very efficient, unless you have your timing and frequency for energy replenishment all planned out accurately during your workouts and races.


Smart Way To Get Instant Energy Boost

The ‘Positive Energy’ patch (+NRG) was formulated as a healthy alternative in the energy category. The +NRG is sugar-free, caffeine-free and unlocks the our natural energy source by delivering crucial vitamins and minerals to our muscles. In comparison with other energy replenishment’s, the patch provides an instant and controlled release of ingredients. The minute the patch is applied, your body-heat activates the time-release function of the formula, while the patch’s membrane controls and steadies the release time

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