LIVEUP! LIVEUP has a professional team. They are experienced, efficient and dedicated. If we can become your partner, the above problem are solved!  


LIVE UP, China's fitness industry leading brand, was established in September 2004. We are an integrated supplier to provide customers with high quality fitness equipment.


At the beginning of the company founded, we have already established innovative-driven,quality prior management idea. With innovative design, efficient production,strict quality control, reasonable price and excellent service, we provide our customers with high-quality home fitness products.


Wecurrently have nine lines of products, covering strength training, aerobic fitness, yoga exercises, body shaping and other types of fitness categories. We now have more than 2000 single product! Moreover we keep 100 new products eachyear online. With specialization and diversification of products, we can meet the needs of different types of customers; 


LIVEUP brand has been registered and protected in more than 30 countries and regions in the world. More than 50 domestic and foreign customers have joined the sales agent of LIVEUP brand products. AllLIVEUP brand products have independent appearance and functional design,unified packaging and image display, thus makes the product market share and brand awareness growing rapidly.  


LIVEUP decided to make its own contribution on fitness industry through system integration and innovation. On the great path of globalization, we are very willing to share with you a healthy life and happyfitness method,


Our team is always looking forward to hearing from you aboutour product innovation and market development suggestions. 

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