Our History


Founded in 1995 in North Yorkshire, England by Ian Williams, Expedition Foods was first established to supply youth groups taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award with pre-cooked, ready-to-eat, nutritious expedition meals. During its history, the company has evolved significantly and now supplies internationally acclaimed explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, local councils, rescue services and multi-day sporting events, among others.


Expedition Foods provides highly nutritious, flavoursome, easy-to-store and prepare foods and has built a reputation on quality, service and choice, taking pride in meeting the needs of every customer.


Our Menu


Our objective is to provide a mix of traditional meals with dishes from around the globe and the diverse menu will appeal to all tastes.


As the food is freeze-dried, it retains its taste (and crunchy vegetables) but has the added advantage of being incredibly light weight.  The meals taste so good that you’ll soon forget you’re eating freeze dried food.


Our Customers


It seems that everyone wants to use Expedition Foods these days.  Expedition Foods provides the perfect meal for everyone from extreme athletes to campers and hikers – in fact anyone who desires great tasting food on the go.  Expedition Foods fuels rowers crossing the Atlantic single handedly, sailors taking part in incredible challenges as well as expeditions to every nook and cranny of our globe.  But it’s also used extensively in disaster relief operations and is held in great regard by our youngsters taking part in Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.


We’ve got a number of accolades to our name as well - Expedition Foods was recently voted the most preferred brand of meal at the prestigious "4 Deserts" series, and it is used extensively by competitors in the Marathon des Sables.  Even Ranulph Fiennes (the world’s greatest living explorer, according to the Guinness Book of World Records) uses Expedition Foods on his travels.


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