For Athletes. By Athletes.


We promise to guide you to the podium. To us, stepping on the podium doesn't necessarily mean you're taking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. It means you're consistently besting yourself. Our line of ultra premium, all-natural nutrition products have been developed and tested by athletes for athletes and are guaranteed to transform the way you train and race. You've worked hard, don't let your nutrition choices keep you off the podium.


How We Got Here


Our founder, Brad Keyes, an avid endurance athlete, literally couldn't stomach anything during training and racing. Come race day, vomit was almost guaranteed and he often found himself curled up in pain. Rather than give up his life long passion he decided to take action.  After figuring out it was his nutrition that was causing the problem, Keyes began his journey of researching and consulting with top nutritionists and exercise physiologists. This led him to test ingredients and formulations (on himself and unsuspecting friends) and ultimately create our first product, Carborocket. Finally, something that could be used all day for hydration, fuel, and electrolytes without the negative side effects. He didn't stop there.  He and the Carborocket team have developed an array of premium nutrition products trusted by athletes, both amateur and professional, who strive to reach their next level in spite of the obstacles. 

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