Foot motion during sports or other intense activity often causes annoying or even disabling friction wounds.  Over the years, medical and scientific professionals have attempted to solve the problem. A ground-breaking solution was developed with the successful partnership of a research scientist with a Ph.D. in surface chemistry from M.I.T. and a seasoned marketing and entrepreneurial professional.


Tom Lewis is a scientist at MIT, an extreme athlete, and the author of several hiking manuals.  For years Tom suffered with serious hiking blisters and pain.  After extensive development and trials, Tom was ready to take his miracle blister cure product to market, but he lacked the business background and finances.  Through a friend, he was introduced to Tom Judd, a successful entrepreneur and also a serious hiker.  Their first meeting was a hike up Mount Monadnock in southwestern New Hampshire. Tom Judd used this innovative product for the first time and became an immediate convert.


In 2002 the 2Toms’ team came together to introduce BlisterShield, a blister prevention product that effectively controls blisters, excess heat and pressure irritation.  The product was an immediate success with both professional and amateur athletes.  After the success of BlisterShield, 2Toms introduced another product, SportShield, a roll-on liquid designed to prevent chafing that occurs anywhere on the body.


From the very beginning, 2Toms’ mission has been to provide the best comfort and care to athletes by offering the most technologically advanced products available anywhere.


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